Create a Video Series Your Community Will Actually Watch

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Follow our exact process on how to become your community's expert.

This proven process will attract local buyers and sellers while fostering relevancy with your database and sphere.

Video is the most powerful content marketing tool on the web. It's been proven to increase engagement, conversion rates and leads by more than 3 times. But only a few realtors are using video in their business because it's hard to make videos that people actually want to watch.

Creating a great video series can be really difficult! Most people think you need professional equipment, lighting, editing software… And then you have to plan out your whole series ahead of time with a script and storyboard… all of this takes hours of time and lots of energy

This course is the answer for Realtors who are looking to create a video series that will increase their brand awareness in their local marketplace while growing their social media following at the same time. This step-by-step course walks you through everything from planning your first video project through uploading it onto multiple platforms with an effective strategy in place so you don't waste any of your precious marketing dollars promoting something no one sees or cares about!

Does this sound like you?

  • "I want to create videos, but don't want to waste my time"

  • "I don't know exactly where to start"

  • "I'm getting stuck in the 'analysis-paralysis' trap"

  • "I want to make sure I get a good ROI on my efforts"

  • "I need extra accountability"

  • "It's easier for me to follow a plan and edit it vs. create something from scratch"

You're not alone!

I hear this all the time, and it's really common. We developed this step-by-step course to help real estate agents overcome the typical shortcomings that often prevent people just like you from achieving your goals.

The way I see it, you have 3 options:

1. Keep doing what you're doing, and hoping that you'll get a different/better result

2. Try to do it on your own, building your own process and learning from your own mistakes.

3. Shortcut the learning process, follow the system laid out for you, and get started with your video series faster and with better results than you've seen so far.

All modules are now live and ready to watch!

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Get Geared Up
  • Module 3: The Build
  • Module 4: Shooting The Show
  • Module 5: Relationships Rock
  • Module 6: The Distribution Solution
  • Module 7: Advertising
  • Module 8: Top Tech Tips
  • Module 9: Full Behind The Scenes of an Everything East County episode
  • Module 10: Finding & Hiring Virtual Assistants

Learn The Tactics That Kyle Whissel & Bryan Koci Used To Earn the Title of #1 Video Influencer in North America by BombBomb

Proof It Actually Works

You Are Going To Learn
How To Create a Successful VIdeo Series

Learn how to create content that your audience WANTS while marketing yourself as the neighborhood and real estate expert - becoming a "Digital Celebrity".

How to integrate video into your business

Learn how to hire & train an in-house Media & Marketing team to help create & distribute your library of video content. You'll get the specific process on how to produce videos for buyers, sellers, your database, FSBOs, Expireds, current clients, home owners, and social media.

How To Utilize video to 

sell more real estate

The most important aspect of marketing - how to transition digital marketing & farming into SALES. 

Your Host: Kyle Whissel
Kyle Whissel is the CEO of the Whissel Realty Group brokered by eXp which has been ranked the top producing team in all of San Diego County 4 years in a row by The Wall Street Journal. 

He was ranked the #1 Real Estate Video Influencer in North America by BombBomb and Tom Ferry because of the quality and quantity of videos the team produces. 

During the mastermind, Kyle will be discussing the "Why" and "What" of video and how to translate it into real estate sales. 

Your Host: Bryan Koci
Bryan Koci is the man behind the camera since January 2015. He is in charge of scheduling, filming, editing, and distributing the videos produced by the entire Whissel Realty Group. 

Bryan has filmed and distributed over 1,000 videos - everything from community video series (#SanteeSaturdays, East County Eats, & Everything East County), green screens, neighborhood spotlights, TV & radio appearances, behind the scenes, property spotlights, and more. 

During the mastermind, Bryan will be discussing "How" to do video, everything from the gear to distribution. 

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